Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 7 Squats

Squat day!!! 
I was still REALLY sore this morning from all of the hamstring work on my last leg day. Anyways my squat work went pretty well. I was pretty unsatisfied with some of the depth on my lifts but I felt pumped before I started. Excuses. 

Here are my top 3 squats sets from today and one of my front squat sets.

I did some warm-up sets and then 5x110 5x125 2x135 3x145 1x155 and then 4x4 65 front squats.

I tossed in some hack squats today, abs and that was about it. I was super warn out. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hamstring Pump

Week 6 Day 2 squat workout. I tried to target hamstrings and lower back today. 

Hamstring work- Any squats or deadlifts are going to work your hamstrings but what about accessory work for those hammies? I find the more accessory work I am doing on hamstrings (at least once a week) the stronger and better feeling by squats are. 

Stiff leg deadlifts- probably my favorite hamstring exercise. Going into a normal deadlift postilion with less weight than your normal deadlift and feet shoulder width apart. First, Deadlifting the bar up and then, (keeping your legs stiff) (if you bend at the knee it is only slightly) keeping your arms at a dead hang, keeping your back straight (do not bend or arch your mid or lower back), lower the bar to the ground until it touches and then using your hamstrings, hips, and glutes bringing the bar back up to a standing position. Some people have a hard time starting off hitting the ground on there stiff legs, you can also work into them going almost to the ground and then pulling up like normal. I do sets of 4x10 on stiff legs normally for assistance work.

I also through in some band good mornings. Using an exercise band, securing it to the bottom of a squat rack putting the band over your head (in a loop), bending over with hips out and back parallel to put the band on and then thrusting forward with hips and glues to a standing position. I do this for 3x12 or 4x10. You can use different weight bands or double wrap the band. Today I double wrapped the red elite fts band.

I also had my main squats sets today... 
warm ups 

Front squat 4x5x45

I also did some awesome calf and trap work today. 
Calves.. worked up to 10x185
Shrugs.. worked up to 10x165

Trying to get used to that 185 weight on my back for squats. 

Check out my youtube channel for video uploads

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bench Week 6 Heavy day

This is my workout from yesterday. 
Below is my Bench set before my top set. 2x100

This is my top working set for the day 


Below is one of my 5x3 at 95 lbs.


I have been sick for a few days now so I was not really feeling my best. Not quite as strong as my lifts usually are but not terrible either. After all of my bench sets I through in some Australian Rows, lat pull downs, shoulder raises, pull-ups, dips and forearm work. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Holy Leg Day

Well I started week 6 today of the Gale Hatch squat program. I have my front squat numbers set really low because I am still working on my form and handling of the lift. I also kept my max low on this program to insure I hit all of my numbers and for testing program purposes. My max on this program is set at 165. I am pretty confident I can hit 185. 

Despite being sick I dragged myself over to the gym and to my surprise I felt really strong and had a fantastic workout. I am going to tribute this to my cheat day yesterday, which was amazing. *cough cough* five guys. 

My Workout
Warm up squat 6x85, 4x95
Working squat 6x110, 6x125, 3x140, 2x145 (belt)
Front squat 5x45 4x45 4x55 4x55
Good morning 4x10 (1x65 3x85)
Bent over row 3x10 (1x95 2x115)
Shrugs  3x10 (95, 115, 125)
Calves 4 x12 (135 155 2x165)
Split squats 3x8 (10 lbs each hand)
Hanging knee raises 4x10 (5 lbs on feet)
Planks 2x30 seconds

A lot a volume today. I was just feeling so good I had trouble stopping. ohhh yeah. All of my squat sets felt really easy. I hit depth on every rep and my back felt really strong today. I am pretty much in love with this program. I tried to hit some lower back today too since my deadlift has really been giving me trouble. This program is a lot of squat work but my legs are getting really strong and blowing up. I also put quite a few days in between my leg days to insure I am not over working myself (Monday and Friday). On a day like today I did more work than usual but some days if I am sore or not feeling it I will just do my working sets for that day and then be done. 

Below is the excel file for this program 


I have been eating pretty clean and sticking to my macros.. 
Today I hit 1550 calories. 210g protein 30g carbs 55g fat. A little low on my carbs today but I have been trying to keep it really low everyday and then spike it on my cheat day once a week. So far my body has been responding well to that and I am not feeling too tired, sluggish or weak. 

I will try and start posting videos soon, hopefully sometime this week. 

Off to bed. Have a goodnight.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crossfit! and why I hate it.

It is rest day and I'm feeling salty! Let's rant about CrossFit. (More crossFit arguments to come at a later date.. I am in class now)

Okay so, from the research I have found the injury rate of CrossFitters versus Powerlifters is actually minimal. Crossfit only has a slightly higher injury rate than powerlifting. I don't know if I agree with this but this is what the studies I have read have proposed. Hopefully more studies will come out proving CrossFit more dangerous.. until then. If you find different info send it my way! I think CrossFitting can be done safely but it's rarely done so. CrossFit does seem like a cult. All CrossFitters seem to talk about is themselves and CrossFit. This is very true from the people I have encountered. Don't get me wrong I LOVE people that Olympic lift. Then why not just Olympic lift?

CrossFit does come off a bit cultish and people are noticing...

My main complains.. because I am feeling salty today.

WoDs.. or workouts of the day. A timed (usually) segment of the lifts and other fluffery that a CrossFitter will do that day.
Deadlift 225 lb
Handstand push-ups
21-15-9 reps, for time
Example 2
  • The Murph - a timed 1-mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 body weight squats, finished off by another 1-mile run.
 Having it timed usually means the CrossFitters are running around trying to have the lowest time for that day. and don't worry the WoD usually involves running.. not that running and lifting should ever go together. I believe workouts should be at about an hour. That's right at what your body can take. These WoDs are usually around 15 minutes? correct me if I am wrong.

I lift at a local gym with a CrossFit gym built in. I believe these CrossFit gyms are the most dangerous where the "trainer" received their certification in a day. Everyday I see a small class in the gym. The reason CrossFit is dangerous is this. Terrible, un-knowledgeable coaches. These people come in for a fun, group atmosphere and to get fit and strong! What is wrong with that? Nothing. These poor people are sucked in and put with a "trainer" who knows little. The form I see is terrifying, collapsed knees, too much weight, bad clean form, collapsed feet, rounded back, heels up in squat position and the list goes on...

KIPPING PULL UPS.... #broscience #brosciencewins

Most of the professional competing CrossFiters are pretty big and strong. Most of the other CrossFitters are not. Why would you want to be so skinny and look like you don't workout. Most...will call them CrossBros. Anyways, most CrossBros are tiny, skinny and not very strong! No idea why these people are staying with a workout regime that doesn't really do anything for you. At least you get to talk about your WoD and how awesome CrossFit is though right?

Push too hard?  Article on if crossfit pushes its clients too hard.

Dear CrossFitters and other bad formers at the gym,
Here is what I suggest. READ!!!!! Learn about safe form and what form works best for your body type (especially height). Knowledge is power! Find a professional lifter on youtube and watch their videos. Also, try out a trainer, one that actually knows something. Use a trainer who has competed and who you have seen lift and has great form and is great at explaining things. Don't feel the need to stick with one trainer, shop around. USE A FRIEND! Learning how to lift is super fun especially if you have a buddy. If both of you have done adequate research, tell each other how your form is looking. You DON'T need CrossFit to have a great time at the gym. Talk to other lifters, meet people and get strong.

Side note for lifters... Don't go to heavy too fast! Be careful! Make sure your form is impeccable at a lower weight before moving your weight up. If you don't have a friend to check your from use a camera. DON'T TRY TO TURN YOUR HEAD TO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR. Jesus.

Follow these guys...
Awesome Olympic lifting gym...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why I Lift

I lift to be strong; mentally, physically and psychologically. Something special happens when a woman lifts heavy at the gym, the hormone changes, the body changes and body image improvements. This blog is to track my fitness progress through the wonderful world of powerlifting and to help you with your fitness goals, whatever they may be. I am not a wonderful writer but I will do my best.
Overall… I am finishing up college this semester at the University of Kentucky. I am 22 and weigh about 120 lbs. I have been lifting for a little over a year and have learned A LOT. I really try to focus on form, correct programing, nutrition and listening to what my body wants. My lifts untested should currently be at
Bench: 125
Squat: 185
Deadlift: 205
I have run Westside, 5/3/1 and am currently trying out the Brad Gillingham Bench Program and the Gale Hatch Squat Program with some twists.
I am also will be competing for the first time in March 2015!

MACROS! I believe eating healthy is the best way to look great, build muscle and lift heavy. I am eating pretty strictly right now 6 days a week and have a cheat day once a week.
Macros are at… Calories: 1650 Fat: 55g Protein: 206 g and Carbs 84 grams. I am on a 50/30/20 split.
Let’s start with today…

I did a heavy bench day today. I am at week 5 in the Brad Gillingham Bench Program. It rocks, so far. I am smashing numbers and my chest feels considerably pumped after my workouts. I feel like I am finally making some progress on bench. FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME. (link to the Brad Gillingham Program Calc)
On this program you bench twice a week doing a heavy day and a light day. I suggest this type of a bench program for people that are already familiar with lifting and especially benching. Benching twice a week without experience can be detrimental to your body.

My workout went pretty well. My actual bench work was the only thing I had trouble with today. I had some home stuff going on that I couldn’t get off of my mind. Then some Crossfit douche would not stop bothering me. Anyways here was my workout for today…

Bench-  work up to 1x105
Then 3x5 at 90 lbs
Over head press (military)- 4x8 45lbs bar
lat pullover 3x10 60lbs
Tri pushdown 3x10 60lbs
Bentover rows 4x10 105 lbs
DB pushups 4x8 BW
curls 3x10 15 lbs each hand
lat raise 3x10 10lbs each hand
Shrugs 4x10 110 lbs
Then I threw in some grip work
Forearm curls(BB)  3x10 40 lbs
Wrist curls (BB) 3x10 20 lbs
Grippers 4x5 60 lbs
Kind of a long day but I really was enjoying my accessory work today. I really try to actually throw in my shrugs, b/o rows and grip work on either my squat day or my deadlift day but my squat day ran long this week and I didn’t have time so I did it today.

I believe grip work is extremely important to the success of any of your lifts. If your hands are failing on your lifts they shouldn’t be. Proper grip work can get your hands and forearms ready for lifting bigger weights. I LOVE fat bar holds and the captains of crush grippers.

Alright. Well many more posts to come. Hopefully some funnier ones. Unfortunately I have not had a very hilarious day but sometimes I am funny...just fitness today though. I am about to go down some hamburger meat, chicken and rice!

PS. Please feel free to ask any questions on lifting or nutrition I would love to try and help with anyones fitness goals. If I don’t know the answer to something I will try to point you in the direction of someone who does!


pics from today.