Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hamstring Pump

Week 6 Day 2 squat workout. I tried to target hamstrings and lower back today. 

Hamstring work- Any squats or deadlifts are going to work your hamstrings but what about accessory work for those hammies? I find the more accessory work I am doing on hamstrings (at least once a week) the stronger and better feeling by squats are. 

Stiff leg deadlifts- probably my favorite hamstring exercise. Going into a normal deadlift postilion with less weight than your normal deadlift and feet shoulder width apart. First, Deadlifting the bar up and then, (keeping your legs stiff) (if you bend at the knee it is only slightly) keeping your arms at a dead hang, keeping your back straight (do not bend or arch your mid or lower back), lower the bar to the ground until it touches and then using your hamstrings, hips, and glutes bringing the bar back up to a standing position. Some people have a hard time starting off hitting the ground on there stiff legs, you can also work into them going almost to the ground and then pulling up like normal. I do sets of 4x10 on stiff legs normally for assistance work.

I also through in some band good mornings. Using an exercise band, securing it to the bottom of a squat rack putting the band over your head (in a loop), bending over with hips out and back parallel to put the band on and then thrusting forward with hips and glues to a standing position. I do this for 3x12 or 4x10. You can use different weight bands or double wrap the band. Today I double wrapped the red elite fts band.

I also had my main squats sets today... 
warm ups 

Front squat 4x5x45

I also did some awesome calf and trap work today. 
Calves.. worked up to 10x185
Shrugs.. worked up to 10x165

Trying to get used to that 185 weight on my back for squats. 

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