Monday, September 22, 2014

Holy Leg Day

Well I started week 6 today of the Gale Hatch squat program. I have my front squat numbers set really low because I am still working on my form and handling of the lift. I also kept my max low on this program to insure I hit all of my numbers and for testing program purposes. My max on this program is set at 165. I am pretty confident I can hit 185. 

Despite being sick I dragged myself over to the gym and to my surprise I felt really strong and had a fantastic workout. I am going to tribute this to my cheat day yesterday, which was amazing. *cough cough* five guys. 

My Workout
Warm up squat 6x85, 4x95
Working squat 6x110, 6x125, 3x140, 2x145 (belt)
Front squat 5x45 4x45 4x55 4x55
Good morning 4x10 (1x65 3x85)
Bent over row 3x10 (1x95 2x115)
Shrugs  3x10 (95, 115, 125)
Calves 4 x12 (135 155 2x165)
Split squats 3x8 (10 lbs each hand)
Hanging knee raises 4x10 (5 lbs on feet)
Planks 2x30 seconds

A lot a volume today. I was just feeling so good I had trouble stopping. ohhh yeah. All of my squat sets felt really easy. I hit depth on every rep and my back felt really strong today. I am pretty much in love with this program. I tried to hit some lower back today too since my deadlift has really been giving me trouble. This program is a lot of squat work but my legs are getting really strong and blowing up. I also put quite a few days in between my leg days to insure I am not over working myself (Monday and Friday). On a day like today I did more work than usual but some days if I am sore or not feeling it I will just do my working sets for that day and then be done. 

Below is the excel file for this program 


I have been eating pretty clean and sticking to my macros.. 
Today I hit 1550 calories. 210g protein 30g carbs 55g fat. A little low on my carbs today but I have been trying to keep it really low everyday and then spike it on my cheat day once a week. So far my body has been responding well to that and I am not feeling too tired, sluggish or weak. 

I will try and start posting videos soon, hopefully sometime this week. 

Off to bed. Have a goodnight.

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